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About Us

Our History

JCT Healthcare Pty Ltd (JCT) was established in 2002 with the vision to provide innovative and robust hardware and software solutions to the Healthcare industry. Continuous improvement and growth by acquisition has seen us lead and innovate with technology solutions for the healthcare industry. We  have a history of setting industry benchmarks in product quality and customer service with a reputation synonymous with innovation, leadership, and quality. Utilising existing technology, JCT has now positioned itself for growth in the global healthcare market. Our extensive networks have resulted in mutually beneficial and successful relationships with our channel partners and resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are commencing to explore channel partner and reseller agreement opportunities internationally, targeting global expansion in early 2018.

Company Overview

Our mission is to provide the best technology advances that inspire and empower our customers, employees, partners, and investors, challenging the status quo and transforming lives.

Our values

Care - We are in the same business as our customers – the business of care. That’s why we work closely with customers at a very early stage to understand the key indicators that contribute to their business success. JCT strives to offer real innovative solutions that help customers deliver care in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Honesty - We believe that honesty is the best policy in both personal and professional life. Honesty is the foundation of our leadership. We believe honest business practice can inspire and empower our customers, employees, partners, and investors.

Commitment - We believe commitment is one of the most fundamental principles of success. We are committed to professionalism, excellence and consistency to make sure we deliver the best technology outcomes that transform lives.

Respect - We value and respect the trust our customers put in JCT as their technology partner. We respect our employees by valuing opinions and treating every individual equally. We show respect for our customers by listening, collaborating and assessing their needs.

Our Proposition

Key points of difference 

In an industry where efficiency and responsiveness are both critical, customised solutions are the keys to success. We work directly with our customers at a very early stage to understand the indicators that drive their business, and then apply our skills and experience to tailor a solution that addresses the identified and agreed needs. As a provider of Assistive Technology and Nurse Call Systems, we can fine tune our solutions to fit the needs of our customers. We stay in touch with our customers even when the solution has been delivered.

Our Technology –Arguably the driving force in our business is our commitment to ongoing research and development. Based on the intimate knowledge of our customers’ needs and our own studies of changing market trends, we continually strive to create relevant technological break-throughs to ensure we can provide our customers with the necessary technology to drive their business. This is evident by the release of our patented PoE4000 nurse call series that delivers true Internet Protocol (IP) and Power Over Ethernet (POE) to each nurse call point. 

Our certification- Our products are Ctick, CE & FDA approved so we are always looking for resellers worldwide or if you want to find an existing reseller in your area, simply click on the "Contact Us" icon, fill in the form and emails us. Your enquiry will be answered within 24 hours. 

Our experienced sales professionals look forward to working with you on how our solutions and products can help you achieve your goals.