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Innovative Nurse Call Systems for the Hospital Sector

The Hospital sector is characterised by time critical actions in this high pressure environment, a nurse call system is essential for staff to help and care for patients in efficient and timely manner. A good nurse call system provides the needed transparency of the daily operations for staff and management of a hospital leading to better performance, higher efficiencies, faster response times and improved staff and patient satisfaction.

JCT offers a wide range of Nurse Call Solutions for the Hospital Sector, ranging from the traditional Nurse Call System (Digi3000) to our new wireless Nurse Call System (Wireless1000) and our real IP based Nurse Call System (PoE4000). Our diverse product suite of Nurse Call accessories (including pendants, bed mats, LCD Displays, pagers and DECT phones amongst others) complements any of our three Nurse Call system to provide Hospitals with a coherent, robust and reliable Nurse Call infrastructure. All this is powered by our new web-based messaging software NuCaMS which interfaces with many messaging devices and high level interfaces.

JCT’s new messaging software, NuCaMS, has been developed based on a Global Server and Site Server architecture allowing Hospital Management to monitor multiple Hospitals through our Global Server software, access reporting and to ensure failsafe update, backup and restore of any site server at a hospital.