About Us

Australian owned and operated with technology developed locally

We are an Australian owned and operated company delivering technology innovation to the Australian Healthcare Industry since 2002.

We are dedicated to developing healthcare solutions that enhance the care and safety of people in hospitals, specialist facilities or in their own home, tracking and monitoring activity, behaviour and response times from one central location.

This empowers staff to deliver a higher quality of care with improved efficiency, therefore reducing your operational costs. It also empowers clients to feel safe, cared for and living the best quality of life they can, no matter where they are.

Our Vision

  • Progressive – using the latest innovation in technology to deliver interconnected devices and one unified dashboard
  • Knowledgeable – over sixteen years delivering customised solutions to healthcare exclusively
  • Trustworthy – long-term established relationships with healthcare clients around Australia
  • Reliable – excellent customer service with 24x7 support

Our vision is to deliver centralised and unified technology to healthcare organisations, that provides up to date information at their fingertips about patient needs. This enables staff to make informed decisions, improving response times and quality of care to their patients and clients, with efficiency and innovation, no matter where they happen to be.

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