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Minda Brighton - Redevelopment Case Study

Minda is at the forefront of the disability sector, offering support and opportunity to approximately 1,800 South Australians in the areas of accommodation, supported employment, lifestyle services and respite.

Minda – Brighton Redevelopment

Minda is undergoing a $260 Million redevelopment, occurring in several stages, of their Brighton site in South Australia. For Minda, their aim is to create a high quality, integrated, affordable, sustainable urban village. This urban village will offer leading edge accommodation and services to South Australians with disability, which in turn will allow Minda to deliver support that is contemporary, individualised and tailored around each person’s wants, needs, and aspirations. JCT Healthcare has worked closely with Minda and their contractors to deliver an assistive technology solution to meet their needs.

Stage 1

In 2014 JCT Healthcare successfully delivered our assistive technology disability healthcare solution. The JCT solution was tailored to the requirements of Minda and the assistive technology is used to enhance the quality of support provided by staff and to establish a secure and more independent living environment for the residents. Using new assistive technology provides Minda with better means to gather information from its residents to improve their support plans and understand better their needs and behaviour.

With JCT Healthcare having our own software developers and hardware engineers we were able to tailor the solution, through ongoing consultation with Minda, and deliver successful outcomes for the client.

Central to the solution is JCT’s critical messaging and workflow software NuCaMS. At Minda, NuCaMS software integrates with the JCT IP Nurse Call hardware, with passive infrared readers, reed switches, and a DECT phone system for voice and messaging communications. NuCaMS powerful workflows utilise inputs from multiple devices to provide notifications to Minda support staff.

For example, the workflows allow staff to be notified if a resident gets out of bed, or if they leave the house at night or if a resident has entered the bathroom but has not moved for a certain time.

Leveraging the workflow and advanced reporting capabilities of NuCaMS JCT developed a sleep analysis function to analyse a resident’s sleep pattern over a period of time. Allowing Minda staff to understand better the bed movement patterns of residents while they sleep. The Minda staff were trained and are able to configure the workflows for each resident so that they are notified if a resident is moving more or less than expected during the night. All workflows can be set and monitored by Minda’s concierge staff.

The NuCaMS web-based Support Staff interface was implemented during Stage 1. The Concierge screen as it is referred to at Minda is utilised by the concierge staff to provide them with a site-wide view, overseeing all staff to improve the efficiency of operations as well as the safety of all residents and staff. The concierge acts on staff duress calls, follow up with staff and is the general information hub for staff during their shift. The concierge can fast page staff, amend workflows and access reports through NuCaMS.

Stage 2

minda stage 2

In late 2017 JCT was selected to implement assistive technologies into the Minda Stage 2 houses and apartment complexes. This solution was designed to incorporate the functionality implemented in Stage 1 and add new features and capabilities to deliver an enhanced outcome for Minda, their staff, and their residents.

JCT Mobile Phone Application

Stage 2 solution added JCT Healthcare’s Support Staff App running on an Android mobile phone. Completely integrated with NuCaMS this solution replaced the Stage 1 DECT phones. The mobile application allows staff to securely log in, receive targeted alerts, escalate or transfer alerts, raise a request for assistance, or make voice calls over VOIP to either clients or to other staff using the App.

Smart Multifunction Optical Sensors

Stage 2 added Smart Multifunction Optical Sensors (MOS). These sensors, which are mounted discreetly in the ceiling, contain a JCT IP talkback with microphone and speaker, to allow two-way communications between the client and the support staff. The MOS, when integrated with NuCaMS, provides the capability of determining whether someone has gotten out of bed, or entered or exited a room. While it utilises video analytics, this is done without requiring any images to leave the camera, reducing invasion of privacy risk.

Enhanced Duress

In Stage 1 the DECT phones were utilised for duress. In stage 2 JCT has deployed Bluetooth Beacons in the apartments which transmit a location to the Minda staff who are using and carrying a mobile phone with the JCT App. JCT has also supplied wearable Bluetooth pendants which can be worn by the staff either on the wrist (like a watch), on a keyring, or on a lanyard. If a duress event occurs the staff member can press the pendant once and the Minda concierge (and all other staff using the JCT App) will receive a duress alert and the location of the staff member. When not in a building the staff can see a Google map view of the site to get the location where the duress was raised using the mobile phone GPS.

Integration with Schneider BMS

JCT has integrated two-way communication between the security system, building management system, and the fire panel into NuCaMS to enhance the information available to the concierge or the support staff.

This allows alerts such as Fire alarms to be captured by NuCaMS and sent out to all staff as an alert. Increasing the safety of the Minda Staff.

Ongoing Support

The JCT solution has been used successfully at Minda since implementation in later 2014. JCT Healthcare support team continue to provide both onsite and remote support to Minda for this solution.

JCT has developed a range of enhancements, and tailored settings to the NuCaMS solution to enhance the overall experience for the Minda Staff and the Minda residents. Being an Australian company with in house software developers JCT is able to adapt and innovate to meet the needs of Minda.

About JCT Healthcare

JCT Healthcare is an Australian company focussed on developing solutions using technology to improve the efficiency and quality of care. We have developed our own software critical messaging and workflow software NuCaMS, and our own ranges of Nurse Call Hardware systems including our fully IP PoE4000 range. We offer tailored solutions for Hospitals, Aged Care, Disability Care, Independent Living, and Dementia Care. Based in South Australia, we have a range of Channel Partners available nationally to design, deliver and support a solution to meet your healthcare needs.

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