Case Studies

Disability SA - South Australia Case Study 
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Disability SA is an agency of the South Australian Government Department for Human Services.
Disability SA provides community support and specialist services to children and adults with disability, their families and carers.

Lightsview & Macdonald Park Residences

Disability SA in conjunction with Housing SA built 8 specially designed assisted living units, with the aim to be innovative and break the mould of traditional disability care design. Incorporating contemporary skillion roofs with colourful facades and includes a common rear garden area for residents to share. The project focused on creating a homely environment for residents.

As part of the same initiative 2 additional residences were constructed in another suburban location incorporating similar innovative design guidelines. These residences incorporated additional features to meet the specific needs of the residents. JCTs solution allowed the client to effectively support both locations.

JCT IoT Assistive Technologies - Enhancing Profesional Care

In 2019 JCT Healthcare successfully delivered our IoT assistive technology healthcare solution. Tailored to the requirements of Disability SA and the assistive technology is used to enhance the quality of support provided by staff.

Disability SA required a solution that could be used at both geographical locations for this project, as well as expandable to new locations. They also did not want the capital cost, or complexity of maintenance of onsite server infrastructure. JCT deployed NuCaMSTM as software as a service, reducing capital costs, and increasing the expandability of the model of care developed for these sites.

NuCaMS Cloud Services

JCT’s critical messaging and workflow software NuCaMSTM is deployed securely in an Australian data centre providing optimal speed and reliability. This tailored solution provides assist call management, integrated voice calling between staff and clients, and full reporting capabilities.

NuCaMS Cloud
Asset 4.png Professional Nurse Call & Smart Home Hardware

JCT implemented its professional PoE4000 Nurse Call hardware integrated with a range of JCT Wireless 1050 and 3rd Party Devices into NuCaMSTM to provide an integrated experience for clients and support staff.


Flexible Model of Care

Through extensive ongoing consultation with Disability SA, and with JCT Healthcare having our own software developers and hardware engineers we were able to tailor the solution to meet their specific needs. The model of care required staff to be mobile, but still receive targeted alerts. JCT cloud-based software, and Secure Staff Mobile Application allows Disability SA staff to assist their clients, verbally communicate with them, and have access to a range of smart home monitoring and control functionality to support their clients.

Client Specific Custom Workflows

Powerful workflows implemented to specific requirements of Disability SA enhances the operational efficiency and level of care provided to their clients.

Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Utilising intelligent optical sensors, with directional movement and zone awareness, Disability SA is able to receive an alert if a client leaves their bedroom during ‘monitored sleeping hours’. The support staff receives a notification and can then check on their client.

Safety Lockdown

To meet the safety needs of clients and staff a safety lockdown workflow was implemented. Using a single command from their mobile application, a staff member can initiate a safety lockdown which automatically triggers a sequence of events including disabling GPO power outlets, turning off water supply, closing roller shutters, locking external door, and raises an alert notification to other staff advising a lockdown has been initiated.


Empowering Residents’ Independence

Clients are provided with a ruggedised tablet running NuCaMSTM Client Application. Specifically developed in conjunction with Disability SA requirements and utilising simplified recognisable menus, residents are empowered to have greater independence and control of their living environment, while maintaining easy direct access to their carer.

Visitor Management

From their App residents can receive alerts when their doorbell is pressed,
see who is at the door, and communicate with them. If they wish to let them
in they can unlock the door from their app. The staff also receives a
notification and can assist the resident or person at door if required.
Door Bell Alert.JPG    Front Door Camera Door Unlocked.JPG
Connected Professional Care

The resident remains connected to their carers through both App and
physical Assist request buttons. When pressed these raise an alert to
the carer and allows for a 2-way audio conversation to occur. If carer
is busy the assist request can be escalated to ensure a response is provided.

 IoT Powered Smart Home

Using their client App,
clients can control :

- Lighting
- Air-conditioning
- Roller Shutters
- Blinds
- Front Door Lock