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JCT Healthcare’s Integrated System – Improves Quality of Care, Wellbeing of Patients and Staff, and Increases Operational Efficiencies

NuCaMS enhances our Nurse Call Hardware Series by offering extensive features to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare providers.

NuCaMS is a centralised software platform built to be highly secure, scalable and flexible to integrate into JCT and Third-Party Systems.

NuCaMS modular design allows features to be added as budgets or operational requirements change.

Improved Care Outcomes:

  • Increased Access to Information
  • Targeted Information Flow Which Reduces Alarm Fatigue
  • Enhanced Response Times
  • Better Staff Management
  • Adaptable Patient Care
  • Unified KPI Reporting

Modular Technology Innovations:

  • Customised Workflows
  • Mobile Apps
  • Voice Communications
  • Duress Solution
  • IoT Device Integration

Flexible Integrations:

  • JCT systems Digi 3000, PoE 4000, Wireless 1000, BLE 5000
  • Fire, Security, Building Management Systems
  • Communication Devices. Email, SMS, Pagers, DECT

Enterprise Ready Architecture:

  • Modern Web-Based Critical Messaging Platform
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Onsite Single or Multisite Connectivity & Management
  • High Availability Option
  • Built-in Backup Solution

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  • Centralised web-based messaging system.
  • Provides multiple individual facilities to be connected and managed through one portal
  • Integrates with our proven systems, i.e. Digi 3000, PoE 4000 and Wireless 1000, BLE 5000
  • Customisable colour-coded call types and call groups.
  • NuCaMS App compatible for paging, transferring calls and managing alerts
  • Workflows to control resident movements.
  • Staff numbers are easy to manage.
  • Informative detailed call reports.
  • Easy to configure interface between hardware and software via NuCaMS Administrator Portal.
  • Campus Tree view of all call point & wireless devices located in each room of the building.

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The NuCaMS Station screen included provides the ability for staff that are rostered on located at a desk to manage alerts via a web browser to receive all alert types. And manage staff allocation as well reporting.

The NuCaMS Station screen included provides the ability for staff that are rostered on located at a desk to manage alerts via a web browser to receive all alert types. And manage staff allocation as well reporting.

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The NuCaMS staff app provides ability for detailed messages on screen colour code based on priority type and provides staff the ability accepted call alerts which then notifies other staff who is attending he call for the patient.

This can used as an alternative or conjunction with a DECT phone system, Paging system, emails, or SMS.

And can be tailored for groups of staff, Residents care, different facilities as shared resources.

NuCaMS has flexible workflow rule engine to provide the ability to make notifications and changes to environments.

Combining workflows together like when residents gets out of bed, the bathroom light turns on to avoid falls.

There are some workflows built in but you can tailor a workflow to suit that resident or staff. JCT support staff and partners can assist in designing workflows.

When Disability care or Independent Living requires a different approach for care, JCT have integrated with some third parties to help assist and provide independence to residents.

NuCaMS can integrate with Voice Command controls, like Google Assistant to provide the ability to raise a call by using your voice, open front door locks, control TV, Open Roller blinds, and many more capabilities.

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Total Systems and Support, for Total Peace-Of-Mind

JCT Healthcare’s flexible hardware and software solutions have been developed locally in Australia with local 24/7 support to provide both immediate and long-term assurances.

Ongoing investment into R&D ensures our tailored solutions will continue to meet the evolving needs of Hospital Care Providers.

  • Hospital Care
  • Aged Care
  • Disability Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Independent Living
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    PoE 4000 - a true full IP solution

  • jct independent living icon 02

    Digi 3000 – RS485 hardwired communication technology

  • jct independent living icon 03

    Wireless 1000 – Radio Frequency 433Mhz for a longer range

  • jct independent living icon 04

    BLE 5000 – Bluetooth Low Energy communication

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Nurse Call Management Systems (NuCaMS)