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Our Wireless 1000 Series a secure supervised long-range radio Nurse Call system. Deploy as a complete Wireless solution or as a complimentary to hardwired systems to cover specific areas. Locator devices are placed in the facility for the coverage which connects to NuCaMS to provide alerts.

Ideal for areas that are hard to cable, or heritage buildings, Wireless1000 is fast to deploy and easy to maintain. Each device is monitored to confirm it is functional.

JCT’s NuCaMS software is required to deploy and use the Wireless 1000 system.

The programmable Call Points support multiple call types, feature buttons with braille support and are easy to clean. Call Points are available with optional accessory sockets, or in a Weatherproof (IP65) version for use in Wet Areas. Wireless 1000 can include Voice Call Points for an enhanced patient to staff communications.

The Wireless 1000 Series includes wearable devices that are waterproof to allow patients to push for assistance and provide tracking. JCT accessories include, light controls, corded or wireless pendants, bed mats, and 3rd party items can interface to the Call Point.

Enhance alerting with PoE Over Door Lights and LED Displays.

  • Site Wide Radio is designed with transmitters sending their signal to locators on the 433 MHz radio band
  • Low battery detection and monitoring for faults
  • Transmitters distance up to 5km with Repeaters
  • Long Life Batteries
  • Software configurable call types and priority
  • Easy to Deploy and Scale

  • Notification Lights
  • Station & Corridor Displays
  • Remote Device Monitoring and Notification
  • 2 Way Voice Communications

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JCT Healthcare’s Integrated System – Improves Quality of Care, Wellbeing of Patients and Staff, and Increases Operational Efficiencies

NuCaMS enhances our Nurse Call Hardware Series by offering extensive features to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare providers.

NuCaMS is a centralised software platform built to be highly secure, scalable and flexible to integrate into JCT and Third-Party Systems.

NuCaMS modular design allows features to be added as budgets or operational requirements change.

Improved Care Outcomes:

  • Increased Access to Information
  • Targeted Information Flow Which Reduces Alarm Fatigue
  • Enhanced Response Times
  • Better Staff Management
  • Adaptable Patient Care
  • Unified KPI Reporting

Modular Technology Innovations:

  • Customised Workflows
  • Mobile Apps
  • Voice Communications
  • Duress Solution
  • IoT Device Integration

Flexible Integrations:

  • JCT systems Digi 3000, PoE 4000, Wireless 1000, BLE 5000
  • Fire, Security, Building Management Systems
  • Communication Devices. Email, SMS, Pagers, DECT

Enterprise Ready Architecture:

  • Modern Web-Based Critical Messaging Platform
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Onsite Single or Multisite Connectivity & Management
  • High Availability Option
  • Built-in Backup Solution

Wireless 1000

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