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Our growing aging population, plus the increasing demands to improve dementia care and support for carers means the provision of highly responsive care makes efficient technology-based systems an essential requirement.

Some of the benefits of installing a state-of-the-art JCT Healthcare system include better organisational performance, greater operational efficiencies, faster response times and improved wellbeing and satisfactio for both patients and staff.

JCT Healthcare has more than 16 years of specialist experience in developing hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to suit all kinds of care requirements

Every product has been developed by JCT Healthcare in Australia to suit our particular healthcare environments. JCT has developed a flexible, customisable solution for Dementia care.

Flexible, Modular and Integrated Systems

JCT offers highly flexible modular solutions, you can adopt a phased implementation, addressing immediate budgetary and operational needs, while still aligning with ongoing organisational strategies.

Our solution can be installed in new builds, completely replace existing legacy technology, or as an addition to existing systems to add functionality enhancements.

JCT are Healthcare technology specialists and can provide tailored solutions deployed as Hardwired, IP based, Wireless or a combination of all.

We integrate with a wide range of third party technologies.

JCT’s nurse call management system, called NuCaMS, is built with reliability, scalability and security - all as standard.

JCT’s in-house software engineering team provides ongoing support and development.

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Providing Respectful Care for Dementia Patients

Dementia care is a delicate balance of providing efficient and timely care with a non-intrusive style that allows your clients to feel safe and cared for.

JCT’s system for dementia care means flexible, customised care based on the client’s profile and individual needs, allowing the freedom of movement while being in your safe care.

Non-intrusive Monitoring and Customised Care

JCT’s dementia care solution utilises JCT’s Nurse Call Hardware, NuCaMS software platform and powerful workflows to provide efficient timely care. Features include:

Customised Wrokflows:

  • Allows support workers to be notified if a resident gets out of bed and leaves the house at night, or if a resident has entered the bathroom, but has not left after an unusual amount of time
  • Workflows are based on a collection of events that occur which are triggered, or captured by devices such as passive infra-red readers or reed switches
  • Behavioural profiling of patients - based on roaming frequency, time of day and sleep patterns
  • Automatic light activation - to prevent falls and disorientation of patient
  • Out of bed detection – notify carer to respond
  • Out of chair detection – notify carer to respond
  • Fall detection - detecting if a resident has a fallen via a wearable pendant
  • Staff Presence Deactivation – Reduce false alerts by having staff press a button when attending to patient to deactivate alerting
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Additional Benefits of NuCaMS

NuCaMS provide a range of additional features which enhance the overall Dementia care solution including:

  • Advanced alerting – NuCaMS allows for customised patient alerting depending on their care needs
  • Multiple alert methods - for alerts to staff can be raised by Light, LED Displays, Audible Annunciators, Secure Web Browser, Mobile App, SMS, Email or Pager
  • Tracking and recording - of staff KPI’s providing information on time taken to respond to alerts, the number of alerts in a period, types of calls, room call frequency
  • Integrated epilepsy care - includes third party seizure monitoring sensors (eg. EMFIT, centralised alerting for the start of a seizure, reports on length, the frequency of seizures, and patient seizure patterns
  • Integrated wet bed mats and other accessories can be added based on specific client needs

Enhanced Reporting

NuCaMS an extensive reporting capability that is made easily accessible through a secure web interface.

Staff can view key performance indicators in near real-time, and over historical periods.

NuCaMS software can also be used as the single platform across multiple care facilities to provide central management and reporting between many locations while still meeting individual facility needs.

  • Hospital Care
  • Aged Care
  • Disability Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Independent Living

Total Systems and Support, for Total Peace-Of-Mind

JCT Healthcare’s flexible hardware and software solutions have been developed locally in Australia with local 24/7 support to provide both immediate and long-term assurances. Ongoing investment into R&D ensures our tailored solutions will continue to meet the evolving needs of Disability Care Providers.

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    PoE 4000 - a true full IP solution

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    Digi 3000 – RS485 hardwired communication technology

  • jct independent living icon 03

    Wireless 1000 – Radio Frequency 433Mhz for a longer range

  • jct independent living icon 04

    BLE 5000 – Bluetooth Low Energy communication

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