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The recent changes and growing demands on the disability sector means the provision of highly responsive care makes efficient technology-based systems an essential requirement.

Some of the benefits of installing a state-of-the-art JCT Healthcare system include better organisational performance, greater operational efficiencies, faster response times and improved wellbeing and satisfaction for both clients and staff.

JCT Healthcare has more than 16 years of specialist experience in developing hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to suit all kinds of disability providers. Every product has been developed by JCT Healthcare in Australia to suit our particular healthcare environments. As a result, you can be assured of a more responsive, reliable and robust messaging environment with live data at your fingertips to better inform decisions on disability care delivery.

Flexible, Modular and Integrated Systems

JCT offers highly flexible modular solutions, you can adopt a phased implementation, addressing immediate budgetary and operational needs, while still aligning with ongoing organisational strategies. Our solution can be installed in new builds, completely replace existing legacy technology, or as an addition to existing systems to add functionality enhancements. Our solution can be deployed in community living residences or at individual client’s homes.

JCT are Healthcare technology specialists and can provide tailored solutions deployed as Hardwired, IP based, Wireless or a combination of all. We integrate with a wide range of third party technologies. JCT’s nurse call management system software, called NuCaMS, is built with reliability, scalability and security - all as standard. JCT’s in-house software engineering team provides ongoing support and development. JCT has on premise or cloudbased hosted software solutions.

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Promote Independence with Assistive Technologies

Empowering Clients

Give your clients technology that empowers them with independence, knowing they can navigate their day in the way they choose with the care they need, when they need it. JCTs flexible solution can be tailored to a wide variety of disability needs. JCT Client App, NuCaMS workflows, and JCT range of Nurse Call and IoT devices combine to create a powerful system to increase independence.

Features include:

  • Client Control of Smart Devices – TV, doors, blinds, lights, airconditioning, door intercoms with cameras, and door locks.
  • Voice Control – to manage smart devices
  • Eye Gaze Control – to manage smart devices
  • Text to Speech integration - for non-verbal clients
  • Wireless wearable pendants – for raising assist calls
  • Wheelchair mountable assist Call Points
  • Internal Assist Call points with optional Voice Calls

Empowering Staff to Provide Responsive Care

JCT’s Support Call and Assistive Technologies gives your care team the right tools and enables them to provide quality and responsive care to your clients whether they are at home or at a facility. Customised workflows can be used to provide notifications to staff when events occur. For example, if a resident gets out of bed or entered the bathroom, but has not returned after a predetermined time, then an alert can be raised to staff.

The NuCaMS Staff App for smartphones allows the staff to be mobile and look after more than 1 client by receiving alerts and notifications from multiple locations.

Staff are not isolated as they still have contact with other staff through in app messaging and voice calls, and staff can escalate calls and request assistance from within the App. The Staff App can be provided with full access to client’s smart device control to allow staff to assist clients with controlling devices with their homes.

Safety of Staff is enhanced through a duress option provided with the App or using a Wearable Pendant. When pressed staff location is provided, and duress can escalate to other staff as well as 3rd Party monitoring services.

Enhanced Reporting

NuCaMS has an extensive reporting capability that is made easily accessible through a secure web interface.

Staff can view key performance indicators in near real-time, and over historical periods.

NuCaMS software can also be used as a single platform across multiple care facilities to provide central management and reporting between many locations

Total Systems and Support, for Total Peace-Of-Mind

JCT Healthcare’s flexible hardware and software solutions have been developed locally in Australia with local 24/7 support to provide both immediate and long-term assurances.

Ongoing investment into R&D ensures our tailored solutions will continue to meet the evolving needs of Disability Care Providers.

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