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The on-going demands on modern hospitals to provide highly responsive care makes efficient technology-based nurse call systems an essential requirement. Some of the benefits of installing a state-of-the-art JCT Healthcare system include better hospital performance, greater operational efficiencies, faster response times and improved wellbeing and satisfaction for both patients and staff.

JCT Healthcare has more than 16 years of specialist experience in developing hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to suit all kinds of hospital facilities. Every product has been developed by JCT Healthcare in Australia to suit our particular healthcare environments. As a result, you can be assured of a more responsive, reliable and robust messaging environment with live data at your fingertips to better inform decisions on hospital care delivery.

Flexible and Integrated Systems

Our products can be installed to entirely replace old systems, or integrated with existing building systems, DECT, paging and nurse call systems to provide targeted improvements to your current operational environment. Our solutions can be deployed as Hardwired, IP based, Wireless or a combination of all.

Strategic Deployment

By offering highly flexible modular solutions, you can adopt a phased implementation process that addresses budget and operational requirements while still aligning with ongoing organisational strategies. JCT Healthcare can provide this high level of tailored and cutting-edge technology solutions because we only specialise in Healthcare industries. Plus, local Australian support that you can count on, JCT Healthcare is the right choice to ensure that you can continue to meet the long-term care technology needs of your hospital.

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Timely Access to
Information Improves
Decision Making

Technology You Can Trust

JCT’s nurse call management system, called NuCaMS, is built with reliability, scalability and security features including encrypted communications, secure authentication station screens, and user management module - all as standard. Whichever JCT system you select you can feel confident knowing it has been designed and developed in Australia by JCT’s in-house engineering and development team.

Enhanced Reporting

NuCaMS has an extensive reporting capability that is made easily accessible through a secure web interface. Staff at all levels on the Ward, Departmentally, or Hospital Management can view

key performance indicators in near real-time, and over historical periods. NuCaMS software can also be used as the single platform across multiple care facilities to provide central management and reporting between many locations while still meeting individual facility needs.

Improved Wellbeing For Patients

NuCaMS’ powerful and dynamic workflow engine allows for alerts to be customised based on particular patient requirements. Direct call-back to patients via VOIP allows for more timely responses that can also be prioritised or redirected to another staff member via the Smartphone App. Inbuilt system escalations ensure patients are cared for in a timely

and priority-based manner with system reporting that provides insights into KPIs to help with continuous care improvement.

Improved Work Environment for Staff

NuCaMS notifications system reduces alert fatigue and improves staff responsiveness. Notifications can be directed specifically to the staff member that requires that particular information – which can be based on time of day, staff allocation, locations, or individual patient’s needs. Staff can securely communicate with each other via text or voice using the App. A Staff duress option is provided by using the NuCaMS Mobile App or Wearable Pendant and raises a Duress call at the press of a button.

Total Systems and Support, for Total Peace-Of-Mind

JCT Healthcare’s flexible hardware and software solutions have been developed locally in Australia with local 24/7 support to provide both immediate and long-term assurances. Ongoing investment into R&D ensures our tailored solutions will continue to meet the evolving needs of Hospital Care Providers

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    PoE 4000 - a true full IP solution

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    Digi 3000 – RS485 hardwired communication technology

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    Wireless 1000 – Radio Frequency 433Mhz for a longer range

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